HayesGrier.org started while Hayes was on Dancing with the Stars. I had known of Hayes and his videos before but had not paid much attention until I saw him on Dancing with the Stars and saw how cool and down to earth he seemed and thought he was a great dancer, then I decided to check out his videos and loved those too. I decided to make HayesGrier.org to show my support for Hayes as a fan and also keep other fans up to date on the latest news, photos, videos and all things Hayes. The site is non-profit, which means I make no money running this site. I do it completely because i’m a fan of Hayes and want to support him.

HayesGrier.org opened up on October 24, 2015 and is on my own paid hosting. I hope to keep the site online for many years to show my support for Hayes!

Site Stats:
Owner: Frederick
About Me: I’m Frederick. Boy. I live in MD.
Opened: October 24, 2015
Contact Info: hayesgrier.org@gmail.com